Tuesday, 28 September 2010

a busy beeee...and the studio

I had my first day back down in London yesterday to enroll for my second year at LCF fashion illustration...after a summer which feels like its lasted at least a year...I only managed harrods, selfridges..oh and popped into that place they call uni..before I had to catch my train home. Harrods nor selfridges had the ysl earrings I am in need of. booo, annnnnd it appears I am to be at uni rather alot this term eeeek!..To move back to london or nottt...:S...I did decide I have missed London, after having travelled alot this summer it did feel homely..hmm..so after the stress ..I decided to tidy my studio at home..and at least see how it goes commuting for a little longer...i <3 norfolk

my studio

Lanvin and Dior, with Vogue and Elle, thats what I call reading


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