Tuesday, 7 September 2010

As part of our BA Fashion illustration course we very often have guest tutors come in to do workshops with us or to tell us about what they do with the industry. Kim Howells, a London based stylist came in to talk about being a stylist, who she works with..etc and she was Amazing, and such a nice person, im now following her blog constantly, and i love the work she does! She was helping us while we were working on our Worhol project(below) and i she was helping us cast models, a job she often does-even as a stylist-Who knew?!..and she was looking at my friend jo whom i often use as a model for my work, and asked me to forward her jo's details, along with some of the other models details,.. Jo got a call the next day saying kim was sending her for a casting the next day if she was up for it...and Jo was :)...Jo only went and got the job-even though she was up against professional models, one of whom had even flown in from NY for the casting for Supremebeing-http://www.supremebeing.com/apparel/collection/womenswear/ AMAZINGGG...will put some of the images from the shoot up asap! xoxo well done jojo...

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