Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Variety Club....

...another one of the projects during my foundation year at London College of Fashion was a competition in conjunction with LCF and the Variety Club to design a new t-shirt for the Variety Club Children's Charity...The winner was to receive £1000 prize money- provided by Harold Tillman-Chairman of the British fashion council, and the design was to be made and sold nationwide.... the final designs were whittled down to a final 3, who had to present the design, and the design ideas to the head of the charity..AND I WON:)!!!eeekkk..(it was so exciting and i wandering the streets of London in bewilderment,calling mummy and everyone else,whilst bumbling into shops(and people) on oxford circus,while screaming down the phone!)and then went shopping, of course; with a loan on my winnings from mummy!ha...))....t-shirts are still to be sold,-and will be launched at an event soon-keep all eyes open, and keep checking the blog for more details,.. but hears a sneaky peek at a few pages from my initial design book, and the final Chari-tees!!!

xoxo Elise

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