Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Vogue vogue VOGUE

So today i basically finished thee bolero tulle jackets above for a british vogue shoot<3, i'll take a picture of the ever soo cute tulle and ribbon pompoms tomorrow to show you!, (nearly lost a finger in the process to the rotary cutter:( BUT most importantly there was no blood on the tulle, only sweat and tears:P)
We were then deciding on colours of taffeta, and silk for the 20ft-40ft drapes for the upcoming ITALIAN VOGUE shoot, with Tim Walker(toooo excited for words!) and chasing crockery we could break for the vogue casa shhoot! exxciting
anddd i was also designing and making -and treking all the way over to fulham to fit costumes for the Kylie Minogue tour!
eeek more photos asap :)

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