Monday, 25 April 2011


Aurore leather tote <3

ahhhhh the chloe Rachel bag a defo on my birthday wish list <3, the rachel necklace and bracelets tooo, too beautiful, i do Love chloe jewellery, although is normally so covered in the CHLOE name for mee to be able to wear, although its perfect for my little sister chloe (coco) whom received the most beautiful set of chloe jewellery for her 18th birthday, <3 I LOVE CHLOE, both chloes xoxo

COCOs necklace, from last springs collection<3 with the beaut bracelet to match <3 which i may borrow now and then to go with my chloe paddington <3 :s...:)

Saturday, 23 April 2011

a princess wedding..

a little new illustration by me <3


turns out i'm going to paris

me and my poodle<3

Lanvin store<3

....Turns out i'm going to paris next term for uni work<3..and im just a little excited to return! <3....xoxo

happy easter my little bunnies


freckle face...

i am currrently one major freckle face...been soaking up the fact im thinking i may turn into a giant freckle..but i looove them...some beautiful freckle shots...

bag lust...