Sunday, 15 May 2011

satin drapes

Below are images from the Tim Walker for Italian vogue photo shoot, I helped do the set design for -whilst I was interning earlier on in the year!-and as I've talked about on here before-but was allowed to go into too much detail! I have been sooo excited for the photos to come out, and finally here they are, Stella Tennant looking amazing! And the drapes which took us hours and hours to source and cut and stitch, and which were vvvvvery expensive look fantastic, and the final colour choices look perfect against the styling by jacob K, and with the stunning features of the walls of the Location house -Claydon house - A Georgian country house, decorated in fine Chinoise and rococo style <3-which we also used for a Casa vogue shoot soon to be out, I loved working on this one too and cannot wait to see the pictures from that! I will post them on here asap!!

The making of the photo shoot-- <3

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