Saturday, 28 July 2012

exhibition pieces

 This is one of 2 of my pieces on display at the grad show, for LCF, media and communications <3 i got some great feed back and press

This is the second piece which was on display, a 3-dimensional illustration, based upon the layers and volume of the Alexander Mcqueen dress, each layer intricately cut from canvas and illustrated upon, and each canvas layered upon each other to create the illusion of depth, and recreating the structure of the dress from 2d illustrated imagery.. these pieces were developments of my final major project exploring the idea of recreating volume, structure and layers of couture garments through the use of my illustrations. My Final concept and pieces were components of a fashion show, through the use of illustration...I will post some more of my final pieces and imagery from my final major project soon..which will explain the concepts in more depth.

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