Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Charlotte olympia Paris showroom

The beautiful paris show room we did for Charlotte Olympia ss14 collection

Dior versailles

So, I have been very bad of late with updating my blog, most recently this has been due to my new job, and I endeavour to keep up to date with future posts.. but for now to fill you in on what I've been doing..

Dior Versailles
I had never been to Versailles despite my love (love,love!) of Marie antoinette, and thus was overly excited when we were asked by Dior to design and produce an event for them at the Palace itself.

We arrived in Paris, and to Versailles very early in the morning of the day of the event and were taken across the grounds before the nights fog had risen, the views were utterly breath taking and Versailles was more beautiful, magical and enchanting than I ever expected.

On arrival we were taken in through the 'ladies rooms', which are not on show to the public, and although currently in a state of renovation they were still beyond beautiful. The details, textures, textiles, architecture,and design of this baroque style ( and later the development into the Rococo design at the later part of the 18th century) seen at the Palace reinforced these as my favourite periods of artistic movement.

For the event we had replicated the topiary and gardens in miniatures-(as we all know Dior loves a miniature!) to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the birth of the creator of the gardens, and to tie into the Dior fine jewellery event. These miniatures were cast from our design moulds in plaster and transported to paris to be filled with miniature topiary and flowers.

The name placements were hand made Sugar sculptures...

..onwards up the Dior grey carpet..


From 22 October 2013 to 23 February 2014, thanks to the exhibition André Le Nôtre in perspectives. 1613 - 2013, discover all the secrets of the well-know gardener. This exhibition is organised upon the celebration of the 400th anniversary of André Le Nôtre's birth.

 The lovely Dior boys, with the Dior hair.

 Even my nails matched my Dior lanyard.

We were the last ones in the palace at night, which was very eerie but it looked beautiful

bon soir,